giving guys boners is empowering and nothing else matters 

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i just need more friends so more people can reblog my selfies

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i’m never going to delete my blog so that in twenty years from now i can type my url, and scroll through somewhat of a time capsule and laugh at how much of a strange teenager i was.

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weak unprepared people sleep naked. what are you gonna do when a robber comes in your house and see you naked? ?your material possessions can be replaced but your dignity cannot. 

the robber will be so blown away by my massive DONG that he will have SO MUCH RESPECT for me and my MASSIVE PENIS that he will put all the stuff back and walk out. all because of my COLOSSAL MEMBER.

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[falls in the shower] parkour

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Pierce the VeilPhoto by Adam Elmakias


if you dont like me please dont pretend to like me ever

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got a masters degree in being ignored

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If she bites your lip when you’re kissing her , dude you better grab her butt.

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not being cuddled currently which is weird, unideal, bad

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after learning about transphobia and misogyny and etc its so uncomfortable to be around any person thats not educated on these issues in real life  

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